Düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH

Duespohl develops and manufactures profile wrapping lines, laminating lines, including all components as well as related machines like slitting machines and parquet presses.

Our international customers include companies of all sizes, especially from the woodworking and plastic industries as well as third party contractors specialised in profile wrapping.

In the sector we are known as the drivers of innovation who develop new technologies and realise their readinessfor the market. For some projects, Duespohl cooperates with partners including scientific institutes, like the Fraunhofer IEM.

The focus of our R&D activities is the lowering of the set-up time as well as on-going expenses, process safety thanks to reproducibility as well as the efficient use of material and energy.

The common scope of the 60 Duespohl colleagues is to make technological progress useful for our customers

in order to ensure efficient, process safe production, high quality and longevity of the final products.

Our Sales Engineers have profound technical knowledge to help you elaborate the best solution for the specific project requirements.

Every line will be configurated individually, selecting the best-suited components from our large choice of proven and efficient modules. That way, we will always offer the ideal machine for your success.



Düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH
An der Heller 7-13
33758 Schloss Holte – Germany

Phone +49 52 07/92 91 – 0
Fax +49 52 07/92 91 – 29


As a highlight, Düspohl will show a 1400 mm wide laminating line. It has been designed to laminate top and bottom simultaneously, creating a perfect joint.

This PowerWrap Wide has been equipped with an automatic reel changing system on both sides, minimising downtimes due to reel change. A smart threading aid simplifies the operation.

Düspohl invites you to discover more systems to reduce set-up times and ensure quality on their premises.

Also, Düspohl will present DrawerLine 300V. It wraps drawers and related pieces like furniture bodies vertically, at up to 100 m/min. The automatic format adjustment reduces set-up times significantly and ensures reliable results.

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